Maine-Touraine Lamb


L’agneau Maine-Touraine

Maine-Touraine lamb is famous for its excellent taste. Its light-coloured meat, delicate flavour and firm white fat delight the taste buds of gourmets. The lamb is bred according to traditional production methods; it is reared for at least 60 days with its mother, feeding on her milk, plus grains and fodder from the Maine-Touraine area. This method of livestock farming, applied to breeds known for their quality meat (the Charollais, Texel, Ile-de-France, Vendée, Red West and Suffolk), are what make Maine-Touraine lamb such an exceptional product.


It is easily identifiable in the butcher section under the brand "Votre favori ou Tendre Gourmet." Lamb meat may be enjoyed in many forms: roasts, chops, ...