Filet Mignon of Touraine Pork with Chestnut Honey and Poires Tapées

Filet mignon de Porc de Touraine au miel de châtaignier...

Ingredients for 4 people

- 600 g of filet mignon of Touraine Pork
- 60 g of chestnut honey
- 20 ml of white vinegar
- 10 g of fresh ginger, peeled and cut into small dice
- 60 g of dehydrated veal stock
- 300 ml of water
- 250 g of onions
- 150 g of smoked bacon
- 20 g of snipped chives
- 4 poires tapées (specialty whole dried pears)
- 75 cl of demi-sec Vouvray white wine


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First, rehydrate the poires tapées by soaking them in the Vouvray wine for 4 hours.
Cut the filet mignon of Touraine Pork into four 150g pieces. Brown on all sides, and keep warm.
In a saucepan, bring the chestnut honey to the boil and then deglaze with the white vinegar.
Add the peeled and diced ginger, the dehydrated veal stock and the water.
Cook until syrupy.
Slice the onion into rounds, sauté with the butter and chopped bacon until softened, then add the snipped chives.
Remove the pears from the wine, slice in half lengthwise and sauté in a bit of butter.
Dress your plates with the pork, the onion mixture and the poires tapées and then drizzle with the honey sauce. Serve with a bowl of creamy mashed potatoes.



by Florent Houget