Other specialities


Autres spécialités de boulangerie et pâtisserie

Among other specialities that we find in the culinary inventory of the Centre Val de Loire, we find :


- The break-in-snout (small cake light and salted with goat cheese)


- The split bread (long Bread, in the white crumb and a golden crust)


- The bread polka (White bread in the yeast, flat, lengthened or in ball, covered profoundly on its superior face)


- The muscadin (cherry candied in the kirsch coated in a sweetened chestnut cream then dipped into some chocolate and rolled in some icing sugar)


- The prune stuffed of Tours (dried prunes stuffed by a dough or by an apricot jam)


- The barley sugar of Tours (candy of sugar, in the shape of ball slightly flattened on the bottom, vanilla-flavored Bourbon)


- The beugnon


- The fruit baked in batter


- The woman's tongue (big dry, very flat cake and the size of a hand)


- The macaroon of Langeais


- Rousseroles


- The sanciau (big thick pancakes, cooked in the frying pan on both faces)