Andouillette from Vouvray


L’andouillette de Vouvray

Touraine’s version of andouillette, one of France’s most well-known “charcuterie” delicacies, derives its special particularities from the land. Made from pork tripe that has been cut into long strips and seasoned according to an ancestral recipe with sea salt, pepper and spices, they are then poached in an aromatic broth with Vouvray wine for at least 3 hours. This long and gentle cooking allows the meat to absorb the flavors of the wine. Recognized by the Association Amicale des Amateurs d'Andouillettes Authentic (5A, or Amicable Association of Authentic Andouilette Amateurs), this label guarantees the gustatory quality of the Vouvray andouillette.